Side projects

Simple MacOS desktop timer

Scratching my own itch to become more familiar with swift 5, and as a PM often faced with time boxing conversations that have a tendency to run away and spiral into hours of debate, Eggl came about. The modern egg timer.

In full transparency, I didn't create this from scratch, but with permission took the open source project from Michael Villar and evolved and simplified it for my own purposes, which is now available on the AppStore where its now used by hundreds of daily users.

Simple egg timer
keeping conversations on track
and available for free

Stickers from the best tools & technologies.

Whilst at Redbubble I experimented with SEO and ability to influence page rank through long tail search results. I also used the opportunity to explore off the shelf search tooling (Aloglia) and AWS services.

While no longer maintained, still generates enough traffic and revenue for a monthly coffee.

Stickers of the best tools and technologies
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